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 The construction of high-speed railway continues to increase. 

          By 2020,China's highspeed railway lines will be 30,000 kilometers long and anadditional 11,000 kilometers,covering more than

 80 % of the major cities. 

          It is expected that the government will attach greatimportance to the railway industry in the next five years and maintain a largeamount of capital 

and investment

        With theconstruction of highspeed railway and intercity railway, the total investmentestimate is over 4 trillion yuan, with an annual average

 of over 800 billionyuan. The total investment in vehicle equipment is estimated to be more than540 billion yuan, with an annual average of 

nearly 110 billion yuan. The CAGRof total vehicle ownership is about 20% and the new increment of CAGR is about10%.

   Subwaysand trains will be on the rise

At present, thestate has approved about 8,600 km of urban rail transit construction plans in43 cities, with more than 3,000 miles under construction. 

The investment willexceed $2 trillion. By 2020, China's urban rail transit will reach 50 cities,and the total mileage will exceed 6,000 kilometers. 

Such a large operationnetwork has very high requirements for the management of rail transit operationand maintenance. Intelligent, automated

 and information based technologies aregradually being applied to urban rail transit ope ration and maintenance  management.



The co-organizer:

 China Civil Engineering Society Public Transport Society of Chinan                                               

Machinery branch of China engineering machinery industry association

Beijing rail transit construction management co. LTD

Shanghai Zhongtong subway group co .LTD

Hangzhou rail transit co. LTD

Nanjing subway operation co. LTD

Changchun rail transit co. LTD

Harbin city subway group co. LT

Zhengzhou rail transit co. LTD

Kunming rail transit co. LTD

Changsha rail transit co. LTD

Dalian rail transit co. LTD

Guangfo rail transit co. LTD(Guangdongprovince)

Suzhou rail transit co.LTD

Wenzhou rail transit co.LTD

CRRC Group

Jiangsu railway transportation industryassociation

Nanjing rail transit industryassociation

Shenge Exhibitation co.LTD

Theme exhibition

Scope of the exhibit
Vehicle and Parts:
Vehicle: Diesel locomotive, electric locomotive, motor vehicle, subway and light rail vehicle, tram, linear motor train, maglev train, monorail vehicle, AGT automatic guided vehicle, etc.
Traction system: traction transformer, inverter, converter, auxiliary converter, circuit breaker, filter reactor, dc screen, guide device, traction motor bearing, axle box, relay
Transmission system: axle box, gear, motor (dc, ac, linear induction), etc.
Power supply system: battery, charger, electric bow, etc. walking system, bogie, wheel, axle, washers, bearings (wheel bearing, the drive shaft bearing), etc.;
Suspension system: spring suspension system, one series, two series spring, damper, etc.
Braking system: air braking system, hydraulic braking system, regenerative braking system, brake disk, brake shoe, etc. Hook system: coupler, buffer device, traction connector, traction rod, buffer, etc.
Door system: driver's door, train door, inner door, control system (electric, automatic, non-contact), driverless train emergency escape door, etc.
Lighting system:&nb    revent clip off, the driver room ventilation and air conditioning system, system, emergency system, rail parts blower, fire prevention system, heating system, information isolation, ground and advertising systems, system installation, interior design, decoration inside lining, surveillance systems, toilet, etc.;
Travel catering: auxiliary equipment and facilities, food distribution, food/drink vending machine, sanitary equipment, kitchen equipment, refrigeration system, service equipment, station and counter catering, trolleys, etc.

Rail safety technology and equipment theme exhibition area          

Video monitoring system: train car, cable transmission network video monitoring system, video monitoring system, wireless video monitoring system, cable backbone transmission network, train-ground wireless transmission platform, etc.

Dangerous goods inspection and physical protection system: dangerous goods inspection device (X-ray machine, liquid explosive detector, detector, explosion-proof ball, air breathing apparatus, light chemical protective clothing, metal detectors, explosion-proof blanket), fire monitoring, intrusion alarm system, chemical and gas monitoring, fire and environmental monitoring systems, etc.

Rail transit power supply theme exhibition area

Substation: transformer, circuit breaker, isolation switch, busbar, fuse, voltage transformer, arrester, rectifier, power supply;

Traction power supply system: ac switch cabinet, rectifier transformer, rectifier, dc switch cabinet, ac/dc screen, rail potential limiter, traction net, etc.

Contact network equipment: contact network, feed wire, walking track, backflow line, wire rod, cable, bracket and other mechanical equipment;

Power lighting system: ac switchgear, power transformer, protective device, metering instrument, battery, flame retardant conductor, fire-extinguishing equipment, etc.

Power monitoring system: SCADAS system and SCADA system.

Rail transit vehicle application materials theme exhibition area

Rail transit car body and interior materials,adhesives,aluminum/steel bending, casting, coating, composite material, flat products, foam, insulation, insulation, lubricant, lightweight sandwich materials, melamine resin foam, plastics, protection film, rubber mold, rubber, metal fittings, sealing materials, insulation materials, special lightweight insulation materials, steel products, bubble structure and liner materials, waterborne varnish, ground material, textile materials.

Rail transit communication signal theme area

Communication system: integrated wireless communication equipment, locomotive safety information integrated testing system for mobile communications equipment, library equipment, cluster, yard is infinite and all kinds of simplex communication system, wireless train number checking system, wireless transmission scheduling command system, train radio dispatching communication system, platform, etc.;

Signal system: automatic control system for parking apparatus, hump automation subsystem, automatic classification system, self-discipline machine and electricity maintenance terminal, power lightning protection equipment, large screen projection system, optical disks array, scheduling, statistical information management system;

Ground equipment: transponder, station train control center, train overspeed protection on-board equipment, train running monitoring device, spindle automatic frequency shift automatic block system, remember standing between block system, interlock system, etc.

Tunnel and underground engineering theme areas

Construction machinery and equipment for tunnel and underground works: tunneling machine; Drilling and blasting machinery; Geological exploration machinery; Underground mining machinery; Concrete conveying machinery; Small mining machinery; Pile foundation construction machinery; Underground shipping equipment; Underground lifting equipment; Pipe; Steel tube die; Shotcrete support equipment; Tunnel lining system; Mud water treatment equipment; Underground ventilation equipment; Air pressure equipment; Pumps, valves and pipes; Pneumatic pneumatic equipment; Hard drill bit; Speed reducer and frequency conversion control equipment; Shield tool, cutter plate; Cables and fixtures; Templates and scaffolding; Construction site facilities;

Survey, measuring instruments and equipment: survey and measuring instruments; Tunnel detector; Laser detection instrument; Pipeline detector; GPS positioning system; Section measuring instrument; Geological radar; Construction oriented equipment; Sensing device, etc.;

Safety equipment and materials: fireproof and explosion-proof products; Personnel escape equipment; Tunnel fire and fire control system; Underground rescue equipment; Control system and software;

Communication system: communication equipment and software; Network system; Intercom system; Management system; Radio system; Underground communication; Video system and so on; Ventilation and power generation equipment ventilation equipment; Underground monitoring equipment; Power equipment and generator sets; Underground power supply equipment and so on; Lighting technology and product LED lighting, outdoor lighting tools, tunnel lighting design scheme, etc.

Construction and supervision: building design software, outdoor working equipment, etc.

Planning design, service consultation, etc

Works exhibition area

Track measuring instruments: track measuring instrument, track geometry measurement instrument, rail top surface measuring instrument & wheel tread, precision measuring network, surface measuring instrument, total station instrument, theodolite, level instrument;

Detection technology: comprehensive test train, track inspection car, vehicle inspection instrument, portable line inspection instrument;

Track maintenance: rail, sleeper (ordinary), synthetic materials, fasteners (vibration type fastener), under the rail structure (floating slab track structure, the structure of the whole new track, slab track), plate (sleeper cushion, mattress, ballast pad), material (steel, alloy steel, rubber);

Maintenance and repair of bifurcation: switch machine (steam power, electric) maintenance and maintenance materials: fine rope plate, sound insulation wall, sound absorbing material, vibration damping material, etc.


The target audience::

Subway construction and operation company

Design institute

Supervision consulting

governments related

Industry association


The railway system

public transport companion

The financial investment

Engineering construction and  contractor

Tunnel equipment company

Vehicle and companion company

System integrators

Key equipment manufacturers



Chamber of commerce

Colleges and universities

The expectation of 2018:


The  ceremony of the 50 enterprises of the innovation  rail transit China rail  transit facility structure monitoring and maintenance technology  summitChina urban rail transit public security development summit

Internet + urban rail transit strategic development summitThe information and intelligent development of China's urban rail transit summit
China urban rail transit green energy summit
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